Friday, 25 October 2013

Sales Agents (Greece, Turkey, Cyprus)

We are looking for independent sales agents in following countries and regions:
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey
We are looking to expand our business and enter new market segments in your region. If you feel your background matches what we are looking for, please send us your CV (resume), your recent photography and your achievements statement or fax it to +852 2815 7661. 

Please do not contact Geo & Co. if you are looking for salary based job or you are a staffing or recruitment agency 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Terms of partnership with local partner / sales representative EC region

Phase I

Purpose of the presence in target country/region:
  • Identifying and evaluating sourcing opportunities;
  • Screening suppliers;
  • Negotiating with customers and suppliers, drafting and developing of agreements;
  • Implementing agreements and monitoring implementation of the agreements;
  • Monitoring and evaluating clients/suppliers relationships and performance;
  • Developing strategic plans agreed with Thai Fung Resources;
  • Finding and identifying opportunities in the target country/region for import trade to the target country/region through local partners, or directly;
  • Finding, identifying and dealing with the sourcing inquiries in target country/region.
Delegated services of Geo & Co. to be provided in Georgia:
  • Thai Fung Resources, being the member of Geo & Co. shall promote the services provided by Geo & Co. and assist Geo & Co. in implementation of the projects in the regions where Geo & Co. is not directly presented.
Criteria for launching the office in Georgia:
  • Generating the revenue where the source of income is from the target country/region, enabling company to maintain the office in the target country/region.

Local partner / Sales Representative
Status on phase I:
  • Act as general representative in the target country/region.
  • Sales operation – 15% from the EBITDA* generated from such operations, subject to pay within 30 days after collection of total amount of the particular deal;
  • Sourcing operations – 5% from the FOB price, subject to pay within two weeks once the procured products will be delivered to the point of destination;
  • Geo & Co. services – 25% from the EBITDA* of projects gained by Geo & Co. in the target country/region.
*EBITDA definition: A measurement of a company's operating profitability. It is equal to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) divided by total revenue. Because EBITDA excludes depreciation and amortization, EBITDA margin can provide an investor with a cleaner view of a company's core profitability.

Phase II

Type of incorporation:
  • Daughter company of Thai Fung Resources with the participation of local partner in the business as shareholder;
  • Thai Fung Resources policy clearly states that the company will not operate any representative office outside of the country of origin; therefore no representative office will be considered.
Type of cooperation with local partner:
  • We expect our sales representative to become our local partner/shareholder of the future daughter company in target country/region;
  • Shareholding proportion shall be decided through negotiations, once we will start to plan launching of physical presence in the target country/region;
  • Salary will be described in the business plan of the local company and shall be paid from the income generated by the local company;
  • We expect local partner to act as General Manager (Business Development) of the local company.
Other functions except of direct function of the office:
  • Monitoring of Geo & Co. projects in the target country/region;
  • Monitoring of Geo & Co. member companies’ activities in target country/region – LOCAL COMPANY WILL BE COMPENSATED FOR SUCH SERVICES BY
  • Monitoring of Thai Fung Resources’ directly invested businesses and joint ventures’ activities in target country/region.