Thursday, 7 November 2013

Materials Controller (East Mediterranean)

We are currently looking for professionals to service the Oil and Gas industry for the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Materials Controller is responsible for controlling the supply of material required to support Company maintenance and operations and, controlling the activities of the onshore warehouse service provider.

  • Ensure all material requirements are met.
  • Support material stock replenishment with an emphasis on campaign and turnaround activities.
  • Ensure day to day urgent material requirements are prioritised and met.
  • Materials master data creation and maintenance.
  • Planning and preparation of materials for shipment.
  • Interface with Warehouse Service Provider to understand their processes including, receipt, goods receipt quality inspection, picking for shipment, containerization and stock checking.
  • Backload repair / refurbishment of materials and equipment with an emphasis on timely, cost effective turnaround.
  • Promote and encourage stock reduction strategies with an understanding of asset disposal procedures.
  • Continuously influence the safety and environmental responsibility of all contractors and vendors